Professional Content of the Complex Talent Management Program

The essence of the CTMP is to develop talented children between the ages of 12 and 14, in cooperation with their sports organization, individually in three age groups (6th, 7th and 8th graders) of both sexes. Talented 6th- grade children who achieved the best results in the preliminary selection events are included in the program - every year, building from the bottom up to the top.

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The program creates the professional workshop and base that solves the insufficiency of regional training. The essence of this is to integrate the talents of sports organizations into these centres, where highly qualified coaches train with the chosen ones in given weeks. Approached from several angles, the Complex Talent Program can bring something new in terms of the effectiveness and efficiency of the training. The children enter he program at that age and period, which is anyway a very critical period for the educational work. The training camps of the Complex Talent Program are held 4 times a year during the school holidays at 3 places in the country, with 40 children per location. The duration of the trainings takes 3 days each time. The children take part in two practical and one theoretical classes a day. In addition to a professional staff of 4 people per location, the training location provides the fitness and goalkeeper coach, and also two teachers help them with their work. When choosing the locations, it is also important that the sports facility, accommodation, catering and theoretical education be in one place. In the age groups described above, sports organizations basically build teams and look for players in them. The professional staff of the MKSZ (Hungarian Handball Association) realized that the training of the individual in this stage of life can produce good results during the period of building the characters of adult athletes. The importance of this is realized not only in increasing the efficiency of sport-specific movements, but also in the development of the appropriate athlete mentality and positive thinking. The rate of progress of the training plan divided into age groups may differ by camp and by age group. Each training session is planned for two hours, however, depending on the infrastructure and the number of staff, the head coach can manage this flexibly due to the characteristics of each location. It is an important aspect in all training places that further steps take place only if the given group has reached the level of development specified in the program. The skill development module, which is not detailed in the training plan, must be implemented according to the topics specified in the introduction and given for age groups. According to the daily professional work schedule, a minimum of 4 sessions must be held, which include two practical and two theoretical training sessions.