Commendation of the new methodological handbook for the education of 6-10 years old children

The book has been very popular reading for five years now amongst choaches of little pupillage children and physical education teacher.

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I was teaching at primary school as a physical education teacher and I also trained children in the afternoons, which was a great help to prepare the syllabus. Thus practice preceded theory, what I think was very important. A few sentences from the content of The education of handball in little pupillage.

The first step in the education process is to teach the proper technique of the 3 basic athletic movements: running, jumping, throwing. These techniques are being developed at games that children really enjoy. It is very important to remember, that the deft and talented children are not a results of your great work, they were born this way. However, an introvert child can also be an excellent athlete.

Everything has to be taught to the children step by step. The rhythm of teaching should be two steps ahead and one step backward. From globality to details. The main point is the game, and playfulness.

Children should be loved. Not only the child should hear you, but you should listen to him/her. Communication is a major thing. At the beginning, only the general mistakes should be fixed.

The reason of the mistake always should be found. The little child can only rely to his/her eyesight, thus can move well or not so well in the space. She/he is not able to control his/her movements by his/her brain. The attitude of the child can be seen immediately, whether she/he is afraid, brave or fast etc.

I managed to put the special education of basics of handball into the PE syllabus in 2011. That’s why my book so successful in Hungary.

It can be seen that every age has its special task. The sponge handball is a great help.

Many drawings and illustrations aim to provide assistance to readers

During the education we first teach the short ball preparation, then later the one that is done in long arc. The second technique is more difficult, because other parts of the body have to work well together to ensure the correct implementation.